BSEE, Technion, Israel Institute Of Technology, 1996<br>MSEE, Technion, Israel Institute Of Technology, 2002<br>Admitted to Ph.D. Candidacy: 2007-2008


Research:High-Performance Pipeline ADCs in End-of-Roadmap Technology

The focus of this research is to investigate new ways to build efficient, high performance pipeline ADCs in sub-100nm technology. One of the key steps of this work is to find a way to achieve residue amplification using low power, generating low thermal noise and leveraging digital calibration to cancel linear and nonlinear errors. Recent work has explored the possibility of using purely dynamic amplification for further power savings. The usage of this method together with nonlinear digital calibration was found to have limited performance due to the lack of a linear summing node in the input of the dynamic amplifier. In this work, we employ a new amplification method which is based on bucket brigade circuitry. This approach achieves the same efficiency as dynamic amplification and facilitates the usage of nonlinear calibration. First prototype ADC was implemented in 65-nm CMOS technology and is being tested and debugged. New prototype is currently in design.<br>


<br> Email: ndolev AT stanford DOT edu <br>